The farmer

"I make 30-40 kilos a year. Good quality. But it wouldn't be a problem to get more: 500 kilos, a ton. Because here in Ketama a lot of people have a lot of hashish… One year there was a police raid. They caught everyone who was doing business. They got 4, 5, up to 10 years of jail. One of them is still inside. 10 years. He didn't know how to work. Talked too much, lived in the city, drove a big car. The police saw him. People were talking about his work: how did he do it? Good car, lots of money…then, they caught him. But the normal people from around here don't live in the city. They build their houses here. Because to do business, you must live in the mountains…"

The pot-head

"This is export hashish. Bad quality. Thinned down. It blows your brain. But this one here, this is top quality. Here! Film this, the best hashish! Do you know chocolate? When I have to work, I smoke this and everything just works as if on wheels…"

The young

"It all goes in circles, here. Growing and harvesting kif, making hashish and trying to sell it. Year in, year out, always the same. For nothing. I don't want it anymore. That's why I tried to get to Europe in May. So I drove to Tunisia, from there on to Libya and by ship to Turkey. Because Turkey is another gateway to Europe. From the east…I crossed the boarder river to Greece and went further, until they caught me at Ostia. From Greece I then went back to Turkey illegally. 'Cause the police, the Greek military…"

The philosopher

" He who lives free is the contact in the world. These are the people that make the contact in all the world. Like you all. Not like Africans. Africans: visa. No visa? Tough… You must build an idea, you must build something. Something new for all.
Hand in hand, we can move. If you find money, you don't need it? If you have money, you don't need it? Of course you need it. If you haven't, you can't move.
What makes a bird like a bird? Money is a bird.
Like wings of a bird, they fly…"