Daniel Gräbner

born 1975 in Cologne, Germany
1995-1996 Studies in Sociology at the University of Cologne
1996-2001 Studies at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne
in the area of Film/Television
2001 Diploma in “Audiovisual Media”
since 2001 working as filmmaker, cameraman and cutter

Daniel Gräbner


  "Sehr geehrte Frau Iselfink..." short film, 3 min., 1997

Waiting for the sun  "Waiting for the sun" documentary, 18 min., 1998

  "Nur dann ist es nicht mehr so schön" short film, 15 min., 1998

Hahnwald  "Hahnwald" documentary, 17 min., 1999

The second state  "The Second State" documentary, 48 min., 1999