The Second State

Germany 1999
Documentary film
48 min.

Camera/Editing/Direction: Daniel Gräbner
Sound/Assistant direction: Roland Bauer
Production: Academy of Media Arts Cologne

Mustafa Kemal Adiyaman



Remembering and forgetting. A man sits in front of a shack surrounded by a lunar landscape. He couldn't keep up the pace and wasn't washed up. Sometimes in the 1960s he came from Bursa or Istanbul or Ankara- no one exactly knows...

On 12 July 1999, Mustafa Kemal Adiyaman receives a letter from the building's owner instructing him to vacate what has been his home for 23 years. He tears up the letter. Two weeks later he is arrested when he resists eviction. One day later, the building is torn down. Now Mustafa Kemal Adiyaman sleeps on the street.